connecting industry experts with publishers.

how we work.

for experts

We have sourced industry experts in numerous fields that are willing to share their expertise. Uptickly vetted experts are active members in their respective fields either through business or academia. Industry experts get the opportunity to share their knowledge with global audiences through our publisher network.

for publishers

Our publisher network contains some of the world’s largest industry publications. These publications require large amounts of content and media from trusted sources without the hassle of going through the vetting process. Uptickly connects publishers with experts that are vetted and suitable to their needs.

About Us.

who we are

Uptickly was founded to address a shortfall in reputable media coverage by online publishers. With lower barriers to entry, many publishers are left with sub-standard content that doesn’t meet the needs of end users.

The Uptickly platform resolves this issue and has reduced the time and effort required to produce engaging media resources on scale.

Our founding partners have for several years been engaged in the online publishing sector in advisory roles for some of the largest brands globally.